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Chakra Clearing and balancing are ancient healing techniques.  All of our bodies are surrounded by an energy field and when that energy field becomes damaged and remains unrepaired we can start to develop mental and physical problems.  Our energy levels suffer, sometimes we become trapped in negative thinking or hopelessness.  And if these go untreated we will begin to develop pains in our body, possibly disorders and diseases.



Intensive Chakra Cleansing, Balancing and Healing Ritual                               $250

                             2 - 3 Hours


If you've never cleared or balanced your chakras before, and are experiencing feelings of hopelessness, disorders or illnesses, or negative thought patterns this is the best place to start healing.


-  Tea Service (with specialty anti-oxidant rich tea)

-  Detoxifying Foot Soak

-  Discovering, airing and aleviating of grievances

-  Chakra Sensory and Aromatherapy clearing

-  Crystal work and Chakra Balancing

-  Universal Life Force Healing


Chakra Balancing, Body Scrub and Energy Infusion Ritual                  $215

                  2 + Hours


This is a wonderful way to raise your energy levels, end negative thinking patterns, create positive thinking patterns, luxuriously exfoliate and richly hydrate your skin, and receive an infusion of Energy.


-  Tea Service (with specialty anti-oxidant rich tea)

-  Chakra Sensory and Aromatherapy Clearing

-  Crystal work and Chakra Balancing

-  Exfoliating and Detoxing Body Scrub

-  Rich Body Hydration

-  Energy Infusion to raise Chakras Vibrational Force




Custom Facial with Chakra Balancing Ritual                                             $185 

and Shoulder, Arm, Hand & Foot Massage

             2 Hours


Receive a customized deep cleansing, exfoliating, pore reducing, nutrient rich relaxing massaging facial along with a Chakra Balancing Ritual.


- Detoxifying Foot Soak & Greivances Relief

-  Luxurious Custom Facial

-  Aromatherapy Clearing Massage

-  Crystal Work and Chakra Balancing

How Can You Start The Healing Process
Balancing your chakras is one of the most important things you can do to increase your energy level, to start thinking positively, and to alleviate illness, disorders and pain.
Your chakras represents the energy centers of your body. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. It is referring to the wheels of energy fields that make up your body’s entire energy center. Each energy center is also linked to your vital organs. Open chakra’s allow the Universal God Life Force to flow through your body. It creates that feeling of ecstasy and pure joy of living in the simplest of things. It is that which we neglected because Western ways told us over and over it was “kooky” until we believed them. So people turned to drugs and alcohol to create that feeling.
The energy centers is what makes your Aura and your vibrational frequency. If your vibrational energy is high, you will live a higher, more positive and enthusiastic life. People will be drawn and attracted to you. It is that which you sometimes hear, “I just like her, I like to be around her, she has a great energy.“ When we activate and balance the chakras, we stimulate the optimum release of powerful energies. A balanced chakra is necessary for a person’s mental, physical and spiritual well being.

Chakra Balancing Ritual                                                                                 $135

              1 + Hour                                    



If you're looking to maintain your clear and healthy living,  would like a boost to your energy levels, or if you are starting to feel like there is something wrong with your body or life, this Ritual will align your Chakras and set you back on the postive feel good path.


-  Detoxifying Foot Soak

-  Airing & Releasing of Greivances

-  Chakra Sensory and Aromatherapy Clearing

-  Crystal Work and Chakra Balancing



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