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Needle Free Mesotherapy Injection Facial Rejuvenation



     Needle Free Alternative to Injections
     Serums Injected 2000 Times Deeper than Without Mesotherapy


I’m now offering one of the newest advances in anti-aging technology.  I’m the only licensed skin care professional in the area offering this service and one of the few in the United States. It has already become popular in Europe, which is how I learned of the procedure. 


This procedure is a needle free injection, and is the only system FDA cleared for transdermal delivery.  I first learned of this system when one of my friends returned from Europe. Not only did she look substantially younger, but she had an amazing beautiful healthy glow. The very first thing I said to her was, “You look amazing what did you do?”


 I have very carefully selected a powerful blend of anti-aging ingredients, wrinkle reducing and skin brightening ingredients for use with the transdermal delivery system.  The first ingredient is Argireline which is a powerful hexapeptide, anti-wrinkle agent that acts similarly to Botulinum.  Argireline acts similar to Botox in the way it relaxes facial muscles in order to stop wrinkles and has been touted as “the best needle free alternative to Botox injections.” 


Dr. Oz also did a segment on this powerful Botox simulating ingredient, a peptide called Argiriline, I’ve included the link I found on the subject.


Another powerful ingredient included in the skin cocktail is Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid imparts a bright healthy vibrant glow to skin.  It is found naturally in the fundamental substance between the skin cells and is considered the leading skin humectant as it can bind and hold water molecules up to 1000 times its size into the skin.  It is known to provide restoration of the contours of the skin and decreases wrinkles and skin folds.   


Transdermal Delivery is often called “Aquaphoresis” and is a non surgical, non invasive advanced treatment that involves Electroporation and Electro osmosis techniques to penetrate deep with-in the layers of the skin by sending a special electrical wave through with high nutrient ingredients pushing them painlessly through the skin, offering a quick and effective absorption though the skins tissue at a cellular level without any injections.


$85 per session

4 Treatments for $250


Needle Free Mesotherapy Cellulite Treatment


This treatment is also widely used in Europe, since the Transdermal Delivery System was developed in Italy in 2006.  This cellulite treatment has quickly become the most popular form of treating cellulite in Eastern Europe, and is quickly becoming popular in the United States.  Treatment can be performed in most areas where there is sagging skin, cellulite and unwanted pockets of fat; hips, thighs, waist, love handles, back, abdomen and arms. Once the mixture reaches the fat cells via Transdermal Delivery (Electroportation) in the target area, it facilitates the rupture and death of the adipose fat cells. This helps in removing the localized fat deposits. The therapeutic substances that are delivered include peptides, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, natural extracts and homeopathic/allopathic medicines


I see the best results from individuals who try diet and excercise and can not get rid of the cellulite. This system literally breaks down the fat cells.  As with any cellulite treatment, the results are better with leg exercises such as lunges and squats, even stretching. If excessive obescity is an issue, you will likely not have results.


Ionto Cellulite Therapy/Sagging Therapy

 $75/Area or

4 Treatments for $250


-  Add on an exfoliating lower body scrub for better results with your Transdermal Delivery for $30


-  Add on a cellulite massage for better results  $30

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